Upon meeting Rose Wetzel, itfs easy to understand why the nickname gThe Animalh was bestowed upon her. The eighth of nine children, she tells the story of her grade-school-self sprinting away from a gaggle of siblings, animal-like, winning the daily foot-commute, up the hill, home from school.

Powerful, graceful and quick with a smile, this young lady is one of our nationfs most talented runners. gIfm trying to earn a spot on the 2012 Olympic team. Making it in the mile would rock! But, Ifll shoot for the marathon, as itfs likely my best bet.h

When asked about her resume of athletic success, Rose is quick to humbly distract from the prestige of her titles and focuses instead upon her career as a personal-trainer. gFour years ago I began training people, a year and a half ago I launched my own practice and this past Sept I received my eholistic health and wellnessf license. I love people and by doing what I do, I get to work with a very wide range of them, everyone from elite athletes to non-athletes. Ifve got clients that have lost 30, 40c even 70 pounds! Clients sometimes tell me I inspire them. But, the truth is, my clients inspire ME!h

After attending Georgetown University on an athletic scholarship, Rose took some downtime and worked at a summer camp. gHonestly, I got a little fat. I confirmed that eating hot-dogs all day is indeed not a nutritious practice. I was also enduring a hard break-up. So, upon returning from camp I decided it was ego timef and I came home ready to train.h

What followed was a revelation not enjoyed by many. gI was having fun riding my bike & running with my club, steadily getting happy and fit. I entered an event Ifd done quite a few times before and somehow, despite the downtime, I posted a time over a minute faster than Ifd ever gone before, even when I was training full-time at Georgetown.h

That event was the gPacific Northwest Track and Field Championshipsh and Rose had won the premier event. Besides taking home the title and a re-affirmed confidence in her athletic ability, Rose had also been spotted by the owner of a NW based, women-specific, running apparel company called gOiselleh and had been offered an opportunity to work as a model. gSince meeting Sally (the owner of Oiselle) Ifve been asked to model for a rather eclectic array of companies. Everything from recycled prom dresses, to sunglasses.h

Between her personal-training practice & the USA Track Nationals, held in New York this July,

Rosefs plate is full in the best way possible.

You can follow her success via the web (click upon the gwebsiteh button above and to the left), or in person, through a personal training apt, as you get yourself fitter, one less hot-dog at a time.

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